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Die goldene Karosse

Le Carrosse d’or

Regie Jean Renoir
Frankreich, 1952
Komödie, Drama, Liebesfilm

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Set to the music of Antonio Vivaldi, Jean Renoir’s ravishing, sumptuous tribute to the theatre involves a viceroy who receives an exquisite golden coach and gives it to the tempestuous star of a touring commedia dell’arte company (the vivacious Anna Magnani).

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Die goldene Karosse Regie Jean Renoir


The film focuses on Camilla (Anna Magnani), a dynamic stage presence who bewitches three of Peru’s most eligible bachelors, but cannot decide who she ultimately desires. She can only find clarity while on stage, and heartache off of it. So in an extraordinary conclusion, the film makes an argument for perpetual performance, instead of turning your life into art, make art of your life, regardless of the consequences.
August 29, 2017
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The brilliant, unforced ironies of The Golden Coach remind us that conventional cleverness and facility are no substitutes for genius. One must not merely look at The Golden Coach. One must look through it to discern the cinematic brush strokes of a great artist.
August 02, 2004
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