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Kentucky Fried Movie

The Kentucky Fried Movie

Regie John Landis
USA, 1977

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The original sketch comedy film! Kung-fu, blaxploitation, spy films, mafia films, Catholic-school-girl-in-trouble films—nothing is off limits in this infamous parody of 1970s pop culture.

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Kentucky Fried Movie Regie John Landis


Allowances must be made for the comedic standards of the times, which are inevitably bound up in social attitudes, usually acting on behalf of each generation’s worst qualities. In that sense, it’s a little easier to forgive both the ZAZ team’s blatant homo-leery posturing in The Kentucky Fried Movie and Airplane!, and to forgive Stucker himself for letting them turn his sexuality into a recurring punchline.
July 03, 2013
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