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Der Tod eines Killers

The Killers

Regie Don Siegel
USA, 1964
Thriller, Krimi

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Zwei Killer, die im Auftrag einen Mann töten, gehen seiner Lebensgeschichte nach, um in den Besitz von einer Million Dollar zu gelangen. Packender Thriller, der sich auf Ernest Hemingways Kurzgeschichte “Die Killer” beruft, mit ihr aber weder stilistisch noch substanziell etwas gemein hat.

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Der Tod eines Killers Regie Don Siegel
As in Hemingway’s story, the killers are a couple of cutups; Gulager and Marvin bring a weird and wicked sense of humor to the hit men’s dirty work. Siegel’s terse, seething, and stylish direction glows with the blank radiance of sheet metal in sunlight; the movie’s bright primary colors and glossy luxuries are imbued with menace, and its luminous delights convey a terrifyingly cold world view.
August 25, 2017
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The cast is first-rate. Thanks to Marvin’s sleek, snub-nosed menace and the edgy thrill-seeking projected by Dickinson’s classy moll, the movie exudes a cynical Rat Pack cool. The jazz singer Nancy Wilson, who has a musical sequence looking like Ms. Dickinson’s sister by another mother, adds to the ring-a-ding flavor. Cassavetes’s jangling, immoderate intensity is markedly uncool, although one of his seduction lines — “You’re a nut, we’re both nuts!” — might have been written for Frank Sinatra.
July 30, 2015
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That’s the best, funniest touch to this newer Killers: the idea of a couple of rent-a-hoods investigating a murder they themselves committed. It’s a sly, anti-authoritarian deviation from the Siodmak film… [But] Siegel’s film goes to sleep at the same place that Siodmak’s does, because the victim at the heart of these narratives isn’t interesting; both narratives lose something when their killers recede from the limelight.
July 08, 2015
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