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The King and Four Queens

Regie Raoul Walsh
USA, 1956
Komödie, Abenteuerfilm, Mystery

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When con man Dan Kehoe ends up in a nearly deserted town, he tries to woo and convince four women — Birdie, Oralie, Sabina and Ruby — that he has a right to a share in the proceeds of a recent robbery pulled off by their husbands.

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The King and Four Queens Regie Raoul Walsh


While a total bagatelle, The King and Four Queens holds interest as a prototype to more fully realized films… and shows director Raoul Walsh and Gable effortlessly coasting on the fumes of their talents (particularly in a charming dance sequence), while composer Alex North and DP Lucien Ballard, working in CinemaScope and DeLuxe Color, are near the peak of theirs.
July 03, 2016
One of the reasons the unexpected re-discovery of Raoul Walsh’s The King and Four Queens is a great surprise, is that you can see tiredness in it. In 1956, Walsh had been making films for forty-three years and Gable for thirty-two… The least fit in the group is Clarke Gable, who will die four years later. And it’s around a slow and flickering King that Raoul Walsh organised his mise-en-scène. Stripped down, minimal, and very refined: a real ‘lesson’ in mise-en-scène.
January 09, 1989
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