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Die Muppets Weihnachtsgeschichte

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Regie Brian Henson
USA, 1992
Komödie, Musical, Fantasy

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A retelling of the classic Dickens tale of Ebenezer Scrooge, miser extraordinaire. He is held accountable for his dastardly ways during night-time visitations by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and future.

Die Muppets Weihnachtsgeschichte Regie Brian Henson


The film is surprisingly bittersweet, balancing Gonzo and Rizzo the Rat’s goofy hijinks with Caine’s somber turn as Scrooge.
November 24, 2015
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The addition of a Robert Marley alongside Jacob (to accommodate the show’s two grouchy old hecklers, Statler and Waldorf) should have been resisted: two Marley’s ghosts, chains and all, are not half as scary as one. All the same, The Muppet Christmas Carol achieves the odd genuinely chilling moment, along with a lot of fun.
January 01, 1993
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