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The Owl's Heritage

L'héritage de la chouette

Regie Chris Marker
Frankreich, Griechenland, 1989
Dokumentarfilm, Fernsehfilm

Darum geht's

A television series based on Greek culture and its rich, often troublesome heritage.

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The Owl's Heritage Regie Chris Marker
Taken as a whole, it’s a heady and thought-provoking project that asks us to consider our connection to antiquity. Watching it is like sitting in on a superior college seminar.
January 09, 2019
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It’s something for the ages. This 13-episode examination of ancient Greece’s contribution to the modern world (streaming on VHX) is at once illuminating and confounding, heady but playful.
November 23, 2018
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It has none of Sans Soleil’s nimble reserve. It is talky, pedantic, and adorable. I love it.
November 09, 2018
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