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Beruf: Reporter

Professione: reporter

Italien, Frankreich, 1975
Thriller, Drama, Mystery

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Als ein Mitreisender plötzlich stirbt, nimmt der ausgebrannte Journalist David Locke dessen Identität an. Ausgerüstet mit dem Terminkalender des Verstorbenen reist er durch Europa und Afrika, trifft gefährliche Waffenschmuggler und verliebt sich in eine verführerische junge Frau.

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Beruf: Reporter Regie Michelangelo Antonioni
The film’s story unfolds slowly and almost majestically, with Antonioni’s architectonic signature signed with a flourish on every film frame and camera angle. Surely no filmmaker since Carl Dreyer has shown such an eye for the formal and the almost Palladian and classical balance of the human figure on a cinema screen. With an elliptical script from the director, Mark Peploe, and film theorist Peter Wollen, this is a symbolic journey from the first shot.
March 18, 2012
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An exceptional film which has for some unfair reason been deemed a lesser work of Antonioni’s, it transfers an emotional quality that simply must be experienced in a theater. The film’s final seven-minute shot is arguably the most quintessential cinematic ending ever committed to celluloid, and its majesty confirms that even lesser Antonioni is still superior cinema.
January 15, 2010
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If this film were really only about the objectivity of a reporter, it would not have grown larger in my memory instead of receding like most films tend to do. In fact, this film largely eschews objectivity and reporting, allowing the audience unusual freedom to create an experience from the raw materials and choices made by Antonioni, his actors, and the rest of the crew.
September 21, 2007
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