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Das Piano

The Piano

Regie Jane Campion
Neuseeland, Australien, 1993
Drama, Liebesfilm

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Eine stumme Frau, ihre Tochter und ein Klavier am Strand Neuseelands – eine arrangierte Ehe und ein Nachbar, der die Lebensweise der Maori angenommen hat. Ausgangspunkt für eine zartschüchterne Liebesbeziehung.

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Das Piano Regie Jane Campion

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

Cannes Film Festival

1993 | 2 Gewinne unter anderem: Palme d'Or

Academy Awards

1994 | 3 Gewinne unter anderem: Best Actress in a Leading Role

1994 | 5 Nominiert unter anderem: Best Picture

Independent Spirit Awards

1994 | Gewinner: Best Foreign Film


Touch creates its own language. In The Piano (1993), Jane Campion’s gorgeous, Gothic romance, it speaks multiple dialects… The Piano turns on the complexity of meanings associated with touch – desire, control, liberation, risk, power, pleasure, and violence… In particular, the economy of touch between Ada and Baines explores how sexual desire between women and men is a bargain in which power relations are repeatedly renegotiated over shifting ground.
September 20, 2017
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The metaphorical transformations of speech into music and music into sex — like the literal transformations of both sign language and Maori into English speech and subtitles — only clarify the extent to which this is really a film about discourse, including film language itself.
December 10, 1993
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For a while I could not think, let alone write, about The Piano without shaking. Precipitating a flood of feelings, The Piano demands as much a physical and emotional response as an intellectual one. . . . Like Ada’s piano music, which is described as “a mood that passes through you… a sound that creeps into you”, this is cinema that fills every sense.
October 01, 1993
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