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Im Zeichen des Löwen

Le signe du lion

Regie Éric Rohmer
Frankreich, 1959

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Pierre Wesselrin is a 40-year-old American who lives in Paris by sponging off his working friends and various wealthy acquaintances. He receives a telegram saying that a rich aunt has died, so he throws a party, using borrowed money of course, and invites all his friends…

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Im Zeichen des Löwen Regie Éric Rohmer


While his New Wave colleagues were working up dozens of cinematic fireballs in their respective 1959 debuts, Eric Rohmer was aiming for a hundred tiny match flares instead… Sturges is the punchline’s chief tributary (Christmas in July), just the finish for a portrait of wry grace told under blasting sunlight and heavenly constellations.
May 05, 2012
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