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The Strangler

East of Piccadilly

Regie Harold Huth
Großbritannien, 1941
Mystery, Krimi

Darum geht's

A homicidal maniac is strangling young women in London’s West Side, and female reporter Penny Sutton is on the case, unofficially, of course.

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The Strangler Regie Harold Huth

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  • Rosina Rossini's rating of the film The Strangler

    This film employs the charm of a strong leading protagonist to good effect, much like "My Girl Friday", "The Noose", and "Paper Orchid". Back in the day when the male population was fighting overseas, films like these, lead by a female protagonist were made, and this one, though far from the best, certainly has its charms, including the dynamic Edana Romney in her first and briefest big screen role.

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