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Der Mieter

Le locataire

Frankreich, 1976
Thriller, Avantgarde, Kultfilm

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Junggeselle Trelkovsky bezieht in Paris eine Wohnung, deren Vormieterin Simone sich aus dem Fenster gestürzt hat. Obwohl er still bis zur Selbstverleugnung lebt, klagen die Nachbarn über nächtlichen Lärm. Ständig fühlt er sich beobachtet und bedroht.

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Der Mieter Regie Roman Polanski
The most fascinating aspect of The Tenant is the general lack of ambiguity in the scenario: grim and inhospitable and xenophobic as those around him… may seem, Trelkovsky’s accusations are so off-the-wall, and his actions so increasingly wonky, that we’re not left to even entertain his thoughts. Rather than invited to share his paranoia, we experience the world through a knowingly mad lens.
October 25, 2013
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Like Farrow’s Rosemary, he begins to suspect his weirdo neighbors of harboring a conspiracy against him; and like Deneuve’s Carole, his paranoia will steer him to madness. But where Rosemary’s suspicions were proven correct and Carole’s delusions were the product of a disturbed mind, Trelkovsky seems to go crazy simply because it’s expected of him. It’s this quality that makes the film so memorably bizarre as well as darkly funny; indeed, this may be the most Kafkaesque of all his feature films.
October 21, 2011
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Darkly funny (watch Polanski smack a kid! Try not to laugh!), frightening and imaginatively directed (Polanski’s head bouncing like a basketball), the DostoyevskianThe Tenant remains supremely creepy.
April 15, 2007
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