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Wer war Harvey Milk?

The Times of Harvey Milk

Regie Rob Epstein
USA, 1984
Dokumentarfilm, Geschichtsfilm, LGBT+

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Documents the political career of Harvey Milk, San Francisco’s first openly gay supervisor, his rise from a neighborhood activist to a symbol of gay political achievement, through to his assassination in November 1978 at San Francisco’s city hall, and the Dan White trial and aftermath.

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Wer war Harvey Milk? Regie Rob Epstein

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

Academy Awards

1985 | Gewinner: Best Documentary, Features

Sundance Film Festival

1985 | Gewinner: Special Jury Prize (Documentary Competition)


Archival footage of Milk’s public appearances; talking-head interviews with people who knew him; quick history of the gay-rights movement and the Castro District; tears flowing freely during recollections of the assassination…it’s all exactly what you’d expect, and while I’m more engaged by the non-fiction account than by Van Sant’s dramatization, real excitement is in short supply.
July 08, 2012
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