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The Walker

USA, Großbritannien, 2007
Krimi, Drama, Mystery

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Carter Page, a middle-aged gay man in Washington, D. C., is a “walker”, a bachelor who escorts other men’s wives to social events so the husbands don’t have to. But when a client’s lover turns up dead, he finds himself embroiled in a Beltway murder plot.

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The Walker Regie Paul Schrader


Walker, a bracing throwback to the “irresponsible” radically minded commercial movies of the late 60s and early 70s—a movie that wears its politics on its sleeve, and overtly addresses the present—hasn’t got much of a prayer… But if it weren’t for the (unacknowledged) fact that political films of any kind are now regarded as unseemly in the world of entertainment, it wouldn’t carry half the corrosive charge that it has.
December 04, 1987
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