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The Wanderers

USA, 1979
Action, Liebesfilm

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In this adaptation of Richard Price’s acclaimed novel, a high school teacher accidentally sparks a race riot between Italian gang “The Wanderers” and Black gang “Del-Bombers”. Looking to gather allies, they get a new member with the arrival of bulky Perry, who proves himself in a fight.

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The Wanderers Regie Philip Kaufman


The movie’s kinetic quality at times recalls Walter Hill’s memorable The Warriors, which appeared in the same year. But like George Lucas in American Graffiti, Kaufman aspires to more than a timelessly gritty fable. He is attuned to the epochal transition from the fifties to the sixties… If The Wanderers now scans as a picaresque curiosity, it is a smart and knowing one.
November 30, 2016
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