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The Ward - Die Station

The Ward

USA, 2010
Thriller, Horror

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Völlig verstört wird Kristen in eine psychiatrische Klinik eingeliefert. Die hübsche junge Frau kann sich an nichts erinnern – auch nicht daran, dass sie ein Farmhaus in Brand gesetzt haben soll. In der abgeschieden gelegenen Anstalt versucht Dr. Stringer ihre psychische Barriere zu durchdringen.

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The Ward - Die Station Regie John Carpenter


Like a lot of Carpenter’s films, “The Ward” is long on atmosphere and menacing mood and not tremendously interested in plot. It’s worth seeing just for the patented Carpenter stylistic flourishes: the rock-solid, old-school-Hollywood framing; the prowling camerawork that might or might not take the point-of-view of a malevolent being; the droning, hypnotic music; the oddly timed but always welcome bursts of humor and music.
April 06, 2015
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[Carpenter] plays impressionistic games with the footage, drifting through multiple timelines the way he likes to glide through interiors. He had been away from feature filmmaking for a long time, but hadn’t lost any of his fascination with how movies are constructed. His elation at once more sitting behind the director’s chair is palpable. Times had changed since Carpenter’s heyday, but his ability to sculpt something unforgettable from just a few actors and a single set hadn’t aged a day.
April 06, 2015
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