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The Way of Drama


Regie Mikio Naruse
Japan, 1944

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The Way of Drama is set in the Osaka world of kabuki, once again in the late Meiji period, although it also deals with the politics of popular culture and competing theatrical styles such as those that employ amateur actors to dramatize contemporary events.

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The Way of Drama Regie Mikio Naruse


A very bad project, combining patriotic wartime preachiness and senseless melodrama; I wouldn’t be surprised if Naruse had no input into the script… In general, the film’s visuals look pretty great, albeit more shadowy and low-key than usual for the director, with crowded, Sternbergian exterior sets and attractive squared-off long shots down hallways and through doorways. But the good-looking images feel like decoration here: the drama is too banal to give them any purchase.
June 06, 2016
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