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Whirlpool of Fate

La fille de l'eau

Regie Jean Renoir
Frankreich, 1925
Stummfilm, Drama, Liebesfilm

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A young girl lives on a barge with her father and her uncle Jeff. Her father gets drowned and she is left with Jeff, who mistreats her. She runs away and first meets a poacher who gives her shelter, then Georges, a young and shy bourgeois who falls for her.

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Whirlpool of Fate Regie Jean Renoir


Renoir considered Nana (1925) to be his first true feature… but Whirlpool of Fate is not worthy of disavowal, what with its inventive cinematography (both the natural light of the “realist” outdoor sequences and the madly expressionist studio dream sequence) and the laid-back brio of the performers. Renoir already seemed to have a knack for eliciting relaxed performances, and it was a pleasure to spend time with the Renoir family on this intimate affair.
April 25, 2017
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The barge crossing the screen in the opening image is Auguste Renoir’s, of course, but Jean promptly claims the river as his own realm of light and darkness… Frenzied cutting and wistful slow-motion, melodramatic close-ups and diaphanous superimpositions, stallions and fires and lizards: at play between tradition and invention, Renoir gorges on a little of everything.
January 01, 2010
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