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Das Leben ohne Gnade

La grande strada azzurra

Frankreich, Bundesrepublik Deutschland, 1957

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Squarcio is a provincial fisherman who expedites his daily catch through the illegal use of dynamite. The other villagers disapprove of Squarcio’s methods, but they refuse to turn him into the authorities.

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Das Leben ohne Gnade Regie Gillo Pontecorvo, Maleno Malenotti

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  • Daniel S.'s rating of the film Das Leben ohne Gnade

    Another (-leftist) director would have focused on the fishermen's efforts to create a cooperative in order to obtain fair prices for their catches. Here Pontecorvo is more interested in the description of the resistance of one single man against the law forbidding dynamite fishing. On second thought, this theme is more liberal, if not progressive, than it seems. Recommended for its implications.

  • nouvelle vague 1960's rating of the film Das Leben ohne Gnade

    Pontecorvo's first full feature is reminiscent of Visconti's"La Terra Terms"(1948),but done in more melodramatic style.However,like his later films it retains a social and political Neorealist edge.The story is based upon a novel by screenwriter Franco Solinas,who continued to work with Pontecorvo on films like "The Battle Of Algiers"(1966).He also worked on Rossi's "Salvatore Giuliano"(1962)and other political films

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