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The Wife

Regie Tom Noonan
USA, 1995
Komödie, Drama

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About the essential phoniness of dinner parties, and the way in which the guises that the attendees have so carefully constructed for the evening can gradually begin to unravel, leaving all in a confused state of antagonism and cruelty.

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The Wife Regie Tom Noonan


[Noonan] uses the framework as a magnifying glass to explore the keen farcical possibilities in your basic savage, soul-baring Strindberg-Bergman-Albee wound-fest, while laying a believable foundation for the actors to build fully idiosyncratic characters on. If dysfunctionality is the alpha and omega of modern movie comedy, here it feels utterly grounded in painful circumstance and the give-and-take of life’s ordinary madness.
July 07, 2014
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