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Die Frauen

The Women

Regie George Cukor
USA, 1939
Komödie, Drama

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The plot centers on a group of gossipy high-society women who spend their days at the beauty salon and haunting fashion shows.

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Die Frauen Regie George Cukor


The film has plenty of Old Hollywood charm, but it’s nowhere near as subversive as Cukor’s previous HOLIDAY or his subsequent collaboration with Crawford, the morbid A WOMAN’S FACE. It’s far too reverent of its high society milieu, and the film ends up endorsing male hegemony by making its central conflict a woman’s fight over her husband with a scheming mistress… The movie still works well enough, thanks to the sharp dialogue and Cukor’s typically ingenious use of longer takes.
December 04, 2009
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Despite George Cukor’s stylish direction and the excellent performances of Rosalind Russell, Joan Crawford, and Paulette Goddard particularly, we cry out for the intrusion of a male, any male, even a delivery boy. The women are such—vain, shallow, desperate, materialistic, conniving—that the men become, by implication, everything they are not: honorable, forthright, virtuous.
January 01, 1974

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