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The World and the Flesh

USA, 1932

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During the 1917 Russian revolution, a group of artistocrats find themselves in the custody of a brutal Communist revolutionary. He lusts after one of them, a ballerina, and gives her an ultimatum: give in to him or her friends will face the firing squad.

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The World and the Flesh Regie John Cromwell


Cromwell, who had plenty of visual sense, and Struss, who was a genius, make a visual tour de force out of this movie, which might actually be a masterpiece if we could see a print that isn’t fuzzy and robbed of all contrast. I mean, it’s clearly drivel in terms of content, but the chiaroscuro, the swooping crane, the lusty glamor shots and ridiculous costumes, all make it romantic tosh of the highest possible order.
December 19, 2016
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