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Die Mädchen von Rochefort

Les demoiselles de Rochefort

Regie Jacques Demy
Frankreich, 1967
Musical, Liebesfilm, Komödie

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Die schönen Zwillingsschwestern Delphine und Solange leiten im nordfranzösischen Hafenstädtchen Rochefort eine Ballettschule und träumen vom idealen Mann. Ob der Matrose Maxence und US-Pianist Andy die Richtigen sind?

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Die Mädchen von Rochefort Regie Jacques Demy

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Academy Awards

1969 | Nominiert: Best Music, Score of a Musical Picture (Original or Adaptation)



Nowhere does the ultimate negligibility between harsh experiences and the cinematic transcendence thereof reveal itself more outlandishly than the revelation of one peripheral character’s violent double life. With the brio of a Shakespearean comedy, The Young Girls of Rochefort carouses onward with a breezy confidence matched by its open-air production design, a surfeit of sunny outdoor sequences repeatedly returning to the glass-walled transparence of Yvonne’s town-square fry stand.
April 28, 2017
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This isn’t about the broad sweep of life, but rather the minutiae of experiences and interactions that form a community. It’s also surprisingly weird: With his typical bighearted, fleet-footed style, Demy blends romance, drama, comedy, and some aspects of a thriller into a wonderful, mesmerizing whole. He even throws Gene Kelly in there.
October 28, 2015
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With its onslaught of pastel minidresses and array of quirky characters, the film seems destined for a teenage girl’s blog, some forty years before the fact. It’s all good fun: pure 1960s energy, without the operatic sadness of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, but still very much in keeping with Demy’s penchant for vibrant imagery.
April 29, 2015
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