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Im Schatten der Nacht

They Live by Night

Regie Nicholas Ray
USA, 1948
Krimi, Film noir, Liebesfilm

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In the ’40s, three prisoners flee from a state prison farm in Mississippi. Among them is 23-years-young Bowie, who spent the last seven years in prison and now hopes to be able to prove his innocence or retire to a home in the mountains and live in peace together with his new love, Keechie.

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Im Schatten der Nacht Regie Nicholas Ray
François Truffaut called They Live by Night “the most Bressonian of American films,” and while his characterization was overzealous, there’s more than just these performer resemblances to link the two directorial sensibilities… Like many Bresson films, Ray’s debut is a genre movie featuring only the bare minimum of generic trappings, one that favors the quiet dramas of decision-making and one-on-one commiseration to the louder spectacles that occur, often unseen, to push the plot along.
August 15, 2017
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A remarkable debut as well as an agonizingly pure love story — the most lyrical film of the director’s career… “They Live by Night” was a favorite of my college film professor, and as a class projectionist I saw it many times — running scenes in slow motion or playing only the soundtrack. As a result, I know the movie nearly by heart. And its emotional power is undiminished. I may be recalling my own youth (as well as Ray’s), but just thinking about this film can choke me up.
July 28, 2017
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They Live by Night stands out from most films of its time through its tight merging of sounds and images. George Diskant’s moody, low-key photography favors faces up close and bodies, as witnessed by the five characters’ first reunion in Mobley’s cabin. Lighting combines with an equally moody sound design carefully devised like a jazz score: internal rhymes, object tracks, song lyrics commenting on the story become instead of mere devices the very fabric of the film.
June 13, 2017
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