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Diebe der Nacht

Les voleurs

Frankreich, 1996
Krimi, LGBT+, Drama

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Crime film by the great actor’s director Téchiné with star duo Catherine Deneuve/Daniel Auteuil.

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Diebe der Nacht Regie André Téchiné


This Faulkner-esque drama about cops-and-robbers loners is something of a masterpiece. Broken up into parts, it examines the events surrounding a botched heist from different characters’ points of view. The point isn’t to set up a twist; in fact, the heist is the least involving part of the plot. Instead, Thieves develops into an intricate, fatalistic examination of life and circumstance, in which the genre elements (the crooks, the law, theft, etc.) become metaphors rich with insight.
August 09, 2016
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André Téchiné’s remarkable Les voleurs – shorn of its definite article to becomeThieves for stateside consumption — fulfills this category [as a film by and for adults], though it does so in a way that may frighten off some viewers. A pessimistic film, but very far from a cynical one, Thievespostulates a fatalistic world bound by family origins and intense romantic longings in which every character is trapped into becoming a thief of one kind or another, emotionally as well as existentially.
December 27, 1996
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