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Deutschland, 2019

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Twenty-four hours in the lives of a colourful group of friends in Berlin, filmed in their natural habitat of minimalist apartments, with the constant lure of the nightlife. Searching for meaning in life between everyday trials and life’s big questions.

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Thirty Regie Simona Kostova

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  • saitosouta's rating of the film Thirty

    Rotterdam 2019 #3: This movie should have been a typical berliners' long night tale, but highly prominent in "Dreissig" is its splendiferous lyricism which is accomplished when contemporary Bulgarian auteurs, like "3/4" Ilian Metev or "Godless" Ralitza Petrova, make intense realism go to extremes. Prolonged negligence in youth, brewed by freely tensile and fastidiously orchestrated long-takes (cont.)