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This Is Our Land

Chez nous

Frankreich, Belgien, 2017

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In Northern France, a beloved and devoted nurse is offered the candidacy for mayorship by a far-right party. The political campaign will test her will and personal life.

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This Is Our Land Regie Lucas Belvaux
The story rarely feels facile, and Belvaux and Leroy leave the decks admirably unstacked. They have taken care not to present anybody here as overt monsters: Stanko’s a fascist brute, but he’s capable of tenderness; even the loathsome Le Pen substitute Agnès gets a complex inner life.
April 18, 2018
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The drama is well-paced, and all of the actors are wonderful. Mr. Dussollier, a regular presence in the late works of Alain Resnais, is resourceful in communicating Berthier’s disturbing dual nature, and Ms. Dequenne remains appealing even when her character is making the most grievously ill-advised choices.
April 17, 2018
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Belvaux sidelines the emotional textures that might complicate all his sermonizing. Jacques, who’s dying from exposure to asbestos due to a lifetime spent in metalwork, is This Is Our Land’s most poignant character, and his rejection of Pauline is its most powerful scene. But he’s forgotten for large portions of the narrative, his reconciliation with Pauline occurring off screen.
April 16, 2018
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