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Drei Leben und ein Tod

Trois vies & une seule mort

Regie Raúl Ruiz
Frankreich, Portugal, 1996
Komödie, Krimi

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Raúl Ruiz inszenierte eine alptraumhafte Komödie mit tragischem Ausgang: Obwohl er drei Leben gelebt hat, stirbt unser Mann nur einmal. Ein tragischer Tod. Drei Leben gleichzeitig lebt man eben nicht ungestraft.

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Drei Leben und ein Tod Regie Raúl Ruiz


Once the circular structure kicks in, and the film turns into an intellectual exercise, it’s vastly more entertaining…but while it’s as clever as all get-out, that’s all it has to offer; it features neither the fetishistic visual splendor of Peter Greenaway’s elaborate, obsessive puzzles nor the emotional anguish of Atom Egoyan’s oblique narrative labyrinths.
January 01, 2006
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Walking out of someone’s life, and then walking back in: Three Lives is crucially about that particular gap, the mysterious hole in time between when someone says goodbye to you and when they next say hello. Or even just the gap between falling asleep next to someone in the night, and then waking up next to them in the morning. Is that other person still the same person – and are you still the same person?
January 01, 2004
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As an exile, Ruiz has had to reinvent himself many times in other languages and cultures, and the various characters embodied by Mastroianni in Three Lives reflect these multiple identities… This is a humanistic, relatively optimistic take on the notion of multiple personalities, predicated on the idea that we all lead different simultaneous lives.
February 28, 1997
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