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Die Reise nach Tokio

東京物語 | Tōkyō Monogatari

Japan, 1953

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In seiner Sprache, die einzigartig in ihrer Ökonomie und völlig zu sich gekommen in ihrer gespannten Ruhe ist, erzählt Ozu Yasujirô die einfache Geschichte eines alten Ehepaares, das seine erwach – senen Kinder, die Schwiegertochter und Enkel in Tôkyô besucht.

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Die Reise nach Tokio Regie Yasujirô Ozu
True to Ozu’s low-level tatami-eye, we’re there with them at every turn. You participate—save rare instances of sentimental music, Ozu leaves you to behold what’s said and unsaid without relying upon dramatic shots. Instead, he shoots everything square and symmetrical—life is messy but that’s how it fits. Young or old, turbulence helps comprise life’s geometry.
February 08, 2017
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The film embodies Ozu’s signature style, which consists of seemingly slow-moving plot and humbly low camera placement. It’s widely considered his masterpiece, yet it rejects critical examination. It exists just as his characters do, wholly and unremarkably, and alive in the truest sense of the word. To scrutinize an Ozu film is, like poetry, to vitiate its essence; to ask “why?” is to miss the point completely.
May 06, 2016
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Their visual and thematic consistency can cause some to decry him for having made the same film over and over again (some similar titles can also add to this verdict), but within such standard formal patterns, Ozu conveys remarkable differences from film to film. Desser points out that Ozu considered himself a craftsman, or something akin to a tofu maker; he made one kind of film, but he did it exceedingly well with great care. If that is indeed the case, Tokyo Story may be his finest product.
November 29, 2013
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