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Tropical Malady - Liebe kennt nur den Moment...

Sud pralad

Thailand, Deutschland, 2004
Fantasy, Liebesfilm, Drama

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Zwischen dem thailändischen Soldaten Keng und dem Dorfjungen Tong entwickelt sich eine zarte Liebesbeziehung. Doch dann verschwindet Tong spurlos. Einer Legende nach, kann ein Mensch in einen Tiger verwandelt werden.

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Tropical Malady - Liebe kennt nur den Moment... Regie Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Shot in near darkness, this jungle adventure is exquisite pure cinema: beautiful, mysterious, savage, spontaneous, unforgettable. But it achieves much of its power in relation to the more conventionally affecting details of the first half. Weerasethakul would go on to win the Palme D’Or at Cannes a few years later for Uncle Boonmee,but Tropical Malady remains his most singular achievement—a bold experiment that’s truly bewitching.
July 10, 2014
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Having almost single-handedly brought Thai film to the eyes of the world, yet working with little support from the once-moribund Thai film industry, and even facing open hostility from Thai authorities and censors, Weerasethakul has assembled an almost unique methodology, bringing together elements of a folky, naturalistic, aleatory cinema with extreme formalist structuring and stylization…
April 25, 2008
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While Tropical Malady’s heightened sensuality alone makes for a mesmerising film experience, the mysteries of the loose narrative are just as enchanting and turn this winner of the 2004 Cannes Jury Prize into a thoroughly unpretentious narrative experiment.
February 07, 2006
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