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Das Geheimnis von Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks (International Pilot)

Regie David Lynch
USA, 1990
Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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Leitthema der ersten Staffel und ersten Hälfte der zweiten Staffel ist die Aufklärung des Mordes an Laura Palmer, geführt durch den FBI-Agenten Dale Cooper.

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Das Geheimnis von Twin Peaks Regie David Lynch
Simultaneously nostalgic and revolutionary, at once emulating and pillorying primetime soaps of the era, with “Who Killed Laura Palmer?” co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost saw, and raised the stakes on “Who Shot J.R.?” Twin Peakstook the piss out of teen dramas like Beverly Hills 90210 by removing the homecoming queen from the board and scrambling the pieces.
July 31, 2017
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In retrospect, it comes off as one of the harshest Faustian bargains in the history of movies. Lynch got access to a wider audience and a broader narrative span than any filmmaker of his time had. In the process, he became more a filmmaker of the script than a filmmaker of the eye—more specifically, he traded his power of observation for his power of realization, and the heavy hand of imposed order (both visual and textual) has shown in everything that he’s done since then.
May 22, 2017
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Its longevity would be remarkable under any circumstances, and is even more so because the show fails to meet most of the criteria by which hour-long dramas are usually judged to be Great. Its sense of character development isn’t a patch on, say, what you’d find on L.A. Law… and it exhibits very little of the grand narrative architectonics that we’re told have elevated serial TV to the level of Dickens and Dostoevsky. Its two seasons feel instead like a constant high-wire improvisation.
May 03, 2017
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