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Keine Gnade für Ulzana

Ulzana's Raid

USA, 1972
Western, Abenteuerfilm

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A compassionate young officer, Lieutenant DeBuin, is given a small company to find him and bring him back; accompanying the troop is McIntosh, an experienced scout, and Ke-Ni-Tay, an Apache guide. 2nd ALDRICH film on the same theme, after Apache (1954) starring also Burt LANCASTER.

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Keine Gnade für Ulzana Regie Robert Aldrich
A bruiser of an auteur, Aldrich fried up American masculinity like his subjects were ants under a microscope. No film of his was more scorching, less forgiving than Ulzana’s Raid.
September 14, 2016
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One of the most striking things about Ulzana’s Raid, Aldrich’s best western and arguably his last great movie, is its astonishingly understated atmosphere and three-dimensional characterizations… Each time I’ve seen this film, I am struck by its nearly stoic economy, the absolute necessity of virtually every shot—a quality rare in outdoor action films.
September 12, 2016
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Aldrich does let the [filmmaking] side down fairly often. His composer, Frank DeVol, assembles a tuneless concatenation of cliches — cut to watchful Indians, cue sinister flute. The film seems to have none of the grace notes of seventies filmmaking — it isn’t visually lyrical or particularly dynamic, though its choppy abruption gives it a vaguely robust quality.
September 13, 2013
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