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Uncle Yanco

Oncle Yanco

Regie Agnès Varda
Frankreich, USA, 1967
Kurzfilm, Dokumentarfilm

Darum geht's

Wie ich meinen amerikanischen Onkel fand und wie großartig dieser Mann ist, das zeige ich in diesem farbenfrohen Kurzfilm. In den wassernahen Vororten von San Francisco, dem intellektuellen Herz der Boheme, segelt er und malt himmlische und byzantinische Städte, weil er Grieche ist.

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Uncle Yanco Regie Agnès Varda


A deft collage artist and a social fixture within his “aquatic suburbia,” Yanco seems to spend his days fielding inspirations, holding court among a handful of sweet-faced hippies, and generally being an excellent subject for an Agnès Varda movie.
August 19, 2015
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Uncle Yanco is the cinematic equivalent of a breeze blowing through gossamer curtains. Varda’s delight at meeting her relative can be felt in every frame, yet this is more than just a document of the coming together of two kindred spirits. With its fragmented opening visuals and sounds, bursts of psychedelic color, and images of the San Francisco area, it’s as much an experimental evocation of a place and time as a portrait of a person.
August 13, 2015
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If the Inuit supposedly have an extensive vocabulary to describe variations of snow, surely Angelenos must have the same for sunlight. Dull, glaring, hazy, and speckled, Varda harnesses them all to render the color palette of the period especially striking. The soft pastels and psychedelic bursts are most vibrant in Uncle Yanco, making this playful 19-minute short the greatest delight of all.
July 01, 2015

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