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Frankreich, Italien, 2011
Drama, Mystery

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Francis, an aging novelist, falls instantly in love with his real estate broker Judith, instantly moving in together on Sant’Erasmo Island. Despite this new love, Francis can’t seem to write and begins to distrust Judith, hiring a young man to spy on her when she’s not at home.

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Unforgivable Regie André Téchiné


The author has a revealing line late in the film, when he tries to explain his jealousy. “I don’t know how to handle someone being unfaithful to me. Whenever a woman confronted me about it, I just left.” This is the sort of moment at which Téchiné excels: the shock of a new emotion, for which no amount of living can ever prepare us.
August 15, 2012
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An original and incisive treatment of the Kafkian theme of guilt and the literary work, UNFORGIVABLE takes its place among the finest of Téchiné’s films.
August 10, 2012
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For a blissful spell, the movie flirts with becoming a noirish study in voyeuristic obsession. (Téchiné, replicating a view through binoculars, briefly aligns our perspective with that of his distrustful protagonist.) In the end, however, Unforgivable is a bit too relaxed to function as a thriller. Though admirably unpredictable, its plot is also spread thin among these fickle lovers.
August 09, 2012
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