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Bis ans Ende der Welt

Regie Wim Wenders
Deutschland, Frankreich, 1991
Drama, Sci-Fi

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It’s 1999. The government will kill for his invention. One woman will do anything for his love. Together they share an adventure that circles the globe – and invades the mind.

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Bis ans Ende der Welt Regie Wim Wenders


…This sounds insufferable — and oddly enough, at standard feature length, it sort of is, which speaks to the film’s earlier failure. But a kind of magic happens at full length: In tune with the film’s longer rhythms, and its extended music cues, its sense of ironic play feels exactly right. It also fits the film’s themes, as Sam Farber’s quest — an invention that will allow the blind to see through a combination of images and emotion — could itself be a metaphor for cinema.
November 05, 2015
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