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Vibración De Granada

Spanien, 1935
Avantgarde, Stummfilm, Dokumentarfilm

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This is a short film that, although a documentary in appearance, has very little to do with the generic conventions of that form. It would seem, then, that what we have here is the embryo of what he was subsequently to call the ’’elementary’’: an abstract or lyrical modality…

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Vibración De Granada Regie José Val del Omar


One of the first timid steps towards a full experimentation and avant-garde filmmaking from this Spanish director. . . . For the first time in Val Del Omar’s career, he moves the camera to encompass more of a feeling than a need of showing something, that same ‘vibration’ that the title alludes to, all this with the green tint that makes the shots of the parks and nature of Granada all the more beautiful.
June 08, 2015
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