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USA, 2018
Fernsehserie, Krimi, Drama

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The FBI and ATF seize religious leader, David Koresh’s Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas in the spring of 1993. (Six episodes)

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  • HKFanatic's rating of the film Waco

    Four of the six episodes of "Waco" deal with the disastrous siege on Mt. Carmel that led to the deaths of 82 Branch Davidians. Very quickly you'll realize that the showrunners could have devoted an entire season to this story, with a deeper exploration of life within David Koresh's religious group. Regardless, the Dowdle Brothers have delivered a memorable miniseries for anyone with interest in this American tragedy.

  • CafeGradiva's rating of the film Waco

    3,5 / Excellent at all levels, script, plot, dialogues, characters & actors, suspense, cinematography & visuals. The final seemed distorted to me, if confronting the real story (in film almost morally saving Koresh and adepts, completely demonizing FBI - as a matter of fact, there are big question signs about both roles and involvings), but for the benefit of the film. Taylor Kitsch is brilliant as Koresh.

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