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USA, 1992
Drama, Sport

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Technically stunning, Wind does for yacht racing what The Black Stallion did for the horse track. Matthew Modine and Jennifer Grey are experienced sailors determined to win the prestigious America’s Cup yacht race.

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Wind Regie Carroll Ballard


It is an energetic film made from a bad screenplay, and is a tough sit. Still, it remains of interest as the first and only of his films to place relationships between adults at the forefront, and his interest in human complexity shines through despite it being an all-around ill-advised picture.
April 06, 2018
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  • captain's rating of the film Wind

    Not the greatest film by any means, but worth watching if you have any interest in sailing, especially sailing yacht regattas/the America's Cup/the America's Cup in the mid-80's. Plus Matthew Modine is always fun/weird to watch. Not recommended if you loathe the sports of the wealthy ;)

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