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Wish I Was Here

Regie Zach Braff
USA, 2014

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Wish I Was Here is the story of Aidan Bloom, a struggling actor, father and husband, who at 35 is still trying to find his identity; a purpose for his life.

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Wish I Was Here Regie Zach Braff

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

Gotham Awards

2014 | Nominiert: Breakthrough Actor

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  • Filipe F. Coutinho's rating of the film Wish I Was Here

    It's terribly unfortunate that this "hating Zach Braff" wave skews the perception of an extremely sincere filmmaker, a welcoming breath of fresh air to the US Indie scenario. "Wish I Was Here" may not be as groundbreaking or influential as "Garden State" was but there's no denying how the narrative perfectly balances between the deeply touching and emotionally raw, and the heartbreakingly funny.

  • Sophie C.'s rating of the film Wish I Was Here

    I really like Zach Braff and Garden State remains one of my teenage years favorite film. But come on, Wish I was there is just bad. I don't deny the fact that it is really sincere film and that it has funny moments. But it's poorly written and Zach Braff tries way too hard to be original and touching. The second half the movie is funny but for the wrong reasons. Sorry Zach Braff, I really wanted to like this film.

  • Ryan Brennan's rating of the film Wish I Was Here

    Braff takes a large swing here trying to wrestle with ideas such as religion, life, death, dreams, responsibilities, parenthood, and marriage. Braff’s mistake with Wish I Was Here was trying to place them all in one film and not exploring any of them with enough attention to reach an expressive / consequential conclusion. The viewer is ultimately left with hollow strains of a story that amount to little emotionally.

  •'s rating of the film Wish I Was Here

    Die Leute waren sauer über Zach Braff. Zuerst gabs eine Gegenreaktion zu seinem viel umjubeltem Debüt. Zehn Jahre später machte Braff durch eine Crowdfunding Kampagne von sich aufmerksam. Niemand wollte die Fortsetzung seines Debüts bezahlen also wandte er sich an die Fans... die ganze Rezension plus weitere Indie Komödien gibts auf

  • Diogo Pires's rating of the film Wish I Was Here

    aff. No final não se consegue perceber se Zach Braff realmente tentava fazer algo diferente com um assunto comum ou apenas tentou agradar a todos. Cenas demasiado forçadas, a puxar a lágrima, a pedir ao público para se ligar. Afinal é uma história sincera ou uma história "bonita"? Há, no entanto, algo que acaba por passar. 3 estrelas forçadas.

  • Sin título.'s rating of the film Wish I Was Here

    Búsqueda de sentido en el fracaso, muy similar a esas historias donde el perdedor de pronto se topa con la gran oportunidad de su vida y todo mejora gigantescamente, sólo que en este caso esas oportunidades se presentan como mediocres conciliaciones familiares y patéticas confrontaciones a los problemas de la vida adulta. El error aquí reside en tratar de mostrar el carácter edificante de la adolescencia tardía.

  • Ricky Robertson Jr.'s rating of the film Wish I Was Here

    It's not as gray & depressing or quite as intentionally quirky as Garden State, but it's a similar (though more grown up) kind of story about being stuck in life and finding out what it's all about and moving forward. The quirky situations still felt heavy-handed at times, but it was cleverly written, sad, but hopeful & moving, and sneakily funny. It left me feeling inspired and I appreciate when a film can do that.

  • Daniel Iván's rating of the film Wish I Was Here

    When it comes to human stories, it is so easy to fall into mawkishness and over-sensitivity. This movie does not, and uses a somehow commonly used philosophical question (the confrontation of the child against the parents) to portray some of the modern forms of dysfunctional happiness. Great acting, great directing, great cinematography. Bravo!

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