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Frauen der Nacht

夜の女たち | Yoru no onnatachi

Japan, 1948

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Filmed on location in Osaka, Women of the Night concerns two sisters – Fusako, a war widow, and Natsuko, who is having an affair with a narcotics smuggler – who along with their younger friend Kumiko descend into prostitution and moral chaos amid the postwar devastation surrounding them.

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Frauen der Nacht Regie Kenji Mizoguchi


Mizoguchi sees blasted landscapes as breeding grounds for demonic energies, and the wild, shattering transformations of his protagonists—as they collapse from genteel poverty to maenadic monstrosity—have a tragic inevitability. The only irony in his scathing vision concerns Western influences—the incitement to dereliction of the sinuous boogie-woogie at a dance hall called the Hollywood Club is contrasted with the exaltation of motherhood in Christian doctrine and art.
May 12, 2014
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Mizo doesn’t really seem into it, his mind on the final-act eruption into melodrama and that overhead shot with the writhing whores. Which, yes, remains pretty awesome.
March 01, 2013
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