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Die Prinzessin Yang Kwei-fei

楊貴妃 | Yōkihi

Japan, Hongkong, 1955
Drama, Liebesfilm, Geschichtsfilm

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In 18th Century China, widowed Emperor Hsüan-tsung reigns alone, devoting his life to composing music. When he meets and falls in love with a beautiful young woman, who will become his imperial concubine, a tale of political intrigue and rival dynasties is set in motion, with tragic consequences.

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Die Prinzessin Yang Kwei-fei Regie Kenji Mizoguchi


Mizoguchi’s incisive sense of historical analysis is equalled by his exaltation of love and his recognition of the disproportionate price that women pay for pleasure and position. As injustice begets injustice and a corrupt regime besmirches beauty, Mizoguchi gives his lovers the last laugh, in one of the most jubilantly derisive endings in the history of cinema.
June 02, 2014
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