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Jugend ohne Jugend

Youth Without Youth

Rumänien, Frankreich, 2007
Drama, Fantasy

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1938, Romania. Professor Dominic Matei contemplates suicide: the love of his life is dead, and he remains unable to complete his life’s work on the origins of language. However, after a cataclysmic incident, he becomes a fugitive and is pursued through Romania, Switzerland, Malta and India.

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Jugend ohne Jugend Regie Francis Ford Coppola


People hated this film. Really, really hated it. And so it was cropping up out of nowhere for me to take home and devour. I was confused by its sudden appearance but that night I wasn’t complaining. I was stupefied into speechlessness. “Youth Without Youth” was so beautiful it hurt. How had anyone not loved this?
August 01, 2016
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