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early whodunits (1921-1935)

von ExperimentoFilm

Not on Mubi:
The Unholy Night (1929, Lionel Barrymore)
The Benson Murder Case (1930, Frank Tuttle)
The House of the Arrow (1930, Leslie S. Hiscott)
The Secret Witness (1931, Thornton Freeland)
Rynox (1932, Michael Powell)
The Night Club Lady (1932, Irving Cummings)
The Crime of the Century (1933, William Beaudine)
Crime on the Hill (1933, Bernard Vorhaus)
The Crosby Case (1934, Edwin L. Marin)
Menace (1934, Ralph Murphy)
The White Cockatoo (1935, Alan Crosland)
Mister Dynamite (1935, Alan Crosland)