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The Noteworthy: “Gradiva”, Dior Addict Fragrance, Ozu’s Cinephilia

A new short film by Leos Carax, a Dior ad directed by Harmony Korine, a trailer for Lav Diaz’s new film, movie posters in Ozu films, & more.

Edited by Adam Cook

  • Above: Leos Carax has a new short film, Gradiva, made in conjunction with the opening of Galerie Gradiva. Watch it here!
  • Only a few hours remain to help fund Fireflies, a new film zine, on Indiegogo. They've put up a preview of their interview with Apichatpong Weerasethakul:

"GMC: You also revisit certain techniques, for example the POV shots from inside moving cars. One of our contributors [Vadim Rizov] wrote a lovely text about those shots, actually. What is it you so like about them?

AW: It’s just that I really like straight angles. I don’t like angles from the diagonal, so I mostly shoot from the side or the front. And for me, the driving of the car, this direct perspective, really accentuates the frame itself. It creates a journey where you almost feel hypnotised. That’s the basic purpose of cinema, to hypnotise, and I think this direction works best. Like you’re drifting, like when you’re journeying somewhere with headphones on. It’s the perspective where you dream. That’s my thinking."

  • Above: the director's cut of Harmony Korine's new ad for Dior.
  • Violet Lucca reviews Chantal Akerman's One Day Pina Asked… for Film Comment:

"Already pillars of their mediums, both Chantal Akerman and Pina Bausch were considered revolutionary for overlaying larger conceptual frameworks onto autobiographical and/or shared quotidian female experience. Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce (75) is as much a work of choreography as Bausch’s pieces are, in Akerman’s words, “little films to which she adds dance.” Their respective turns toward the personal are equally thanks to Sixties feminism, American and pan-European influences, and belonging to the first post-WWII generation."

  • Above: the teaser trailer for Lav Diaz's From What is Before.
  • Richard Brody talks to producer/filmmaker Marin Karmitz about "The Future of French Cinema".
  • "Ozu's Cinephilia": for the Criterion Collection, kogonada gathers frames from the films of Yasujiro Ozu that include movie posters.
  • For Cinema Scope, Adam Nayman talks to James Gray about The Immigrant. Gray also recently sat down with Bret Easton Ellis to record a podcast.
  • Via our official Tumblr, "Max Ophuls on the set of Lola Montes, 1955, in a photo by Raymond Voinquel".

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