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Helle Nächte

Deutschland, Norwegen, 2017
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Ein Vater versucht nach Jahren der Abwesenheit und des Schweigens, die Beziehung zu seinem Sohn wiederherzustellen. Er nimmt ihn mit dem Auto mit auf eine Reise durch das nördliche Norwegen, in der Hoffnung, dass es nicht zu spät ist.

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Helle Nächte Regie Thomas Arslan Jetzt schauen
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  • buzzinfly's rating of the film Helle Nächte

    Such a beautiful, hypnotic film. Absolutely brilliant performances. Loved it.

  • José Neves's rating of the film Helle Nächte

    PC/TV scren. Since the classical Greek pieces that we are mostly destined to family tragedies, with more or less accent on the tragicity - the western was one of the preferred décors for cinema to expose such dramaturgy. Here Harslan makes European "quality" cinema: fixed frames, grandiose nature, expository silences, a lesson more or less learned in the end. More boring and predictable formality is difficult.

  • Roman2's rating of the film Helle Nächte

    Excellent. My Father was similar to this Father years after his divorce from my Mother but was not as conciliatory about his role in the relationship. And was trying to use me to get closer to my brother. Anyways I loved the Norwegian mountains and scenery and as always I love hearing German very much and French of course. I thought the tension between Father and son after years of estrangement to be interesting.

  • jasmine2121's rating of the film Helle Nächte

    When the father's dad passes, he takes this as an opportunity to rekindle his relationship with his own son by going on a road/hiking trip. It was such an anti-climatic plot; tons of tension, but nothing's resolved in the end. Very emotional, I can see where both of them are coming from, however they still should've set their differences apart and enjoy their time together. I do think this movie could've been better.

  • Moh Azima's rating of the film Helle Nächte

    I can understand why other reviewers rate this film down. There’s not a lot here, outwardly. But I got something from the dynamic between father and son, maybe because of my own personal circumstances, and the resolution was convincing to me. It’s not a meaty film, but it was worth my time and I don’t always have the patience for slow films.

  • Richard Bolisay's rating of the film Helle Nächte

    Missed this at Berlinale last year, and sadly it's that: missable. It's minimal/minimalist to a fault. There's that nice long forward tracking shot from the car in the middle, amidst that beautiful fog, but other than that, nothing in this moves me. I wish it risked more, explored more, but I guess it's written in such a way that everything in the conflict is mostly contained. German sensibility, maybe?

  • Hiba Ben Abdennabi's rating of the film Helle Nächte

    A guilty father, takes the opportunity of his own father’s death to reconnect with his teenage son. “Bright Nights”, those are the type of nights that feed the character’s insomnia with thoughts, worries, guilt and emptiness.Despite the cold fog in the mid of the summer season of Norway and the overall sadistic tone that covers each character’s world. This film has successfully delivered its beautiful message

  • riraru's rating of the film Helle Nächte

    Äußert karges Vater-Sohn-Drama (+ Großvater, der ja wohl auch so ein Klotz war wie seine Nachfahren), korrespondierend mit der Landschaft. Anfangs fehlt die Arslan'sche Tiefe, diese besondere Spannung; aber im letzten Drittel war ich gefesselt – da bricht sich alles Bahn, dass es nur so eine Freude ist.

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