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Palm Springs International ShortFest

  1. Acid Rain

    Acid Rain

  2. The Neighbors' Window
    Audience Award - Best Live-Action Short

    The Neighbors' Window

  3. Under Covers

    Under Covers

  4. Something Real

    Something Real

  5. Homesick


  6. Magnetic Harvest
    Mención especial: Future Filmmaker Award

    Magnetic Harvest

  7. Maradona's Legs

    Maradona's Legs

  8. Girl in the Hallway

    Girl in the Hallway

  9. Grand Bouquet

    Grand Bouquet

  10. No Ill Will

    No Ill Will

  11. Marco


  12. Milkshake


  13. Aylin


  14. The Opposites Game

    The Opposites Game

  15. The Hedgehog's Dilemma

    The Hedgehog's Dilemma

  16. Ahmed’s Song
    Bridging the Borders Award

    Ahmed’s Song

  17. Floss


  18. Ponyboi


  19. Mind My Mind

    Mind My Mind

  20. How to Be Alone

    How to Be Alone

  21. Lowland Kids
    Audience Award - Best Documentary Short

    Lowland Kids

  22. The Golden Legend

    The Golden Legend

  23. Betty Feeds The Animals

    Betty Feeds The Animals

  24. Excess Will Save Us

    Excess Will Save Us

  25. Stay Close

    Stay Close

  26. Sometimes, I Think About Dying
    Future Filmmaker Award

    Sometimes, I Think About Dying

  27. Safe Space

    Safe Space

  28. The Dressing

    The Dressing

  29. The Bumbry Encounter

    The Bumbry Encounter

  30. Take Care

    Take Care

  31. Small Talk

    Small Talk

  32. Dog


  33. Thumper


  34. My Brother Luca

    My Brother Luca

  35. Three Months

    Three Months

  36. Intercontinental