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Palm Springs International ShortFest

  1. Souvenir


  2. Sloan Hearts Neckface

    Sloan Hearts Neckface

  3. The Sleepwalkers
    Best Midnight Short

    The Sleepwalkers

  4. Second Team

    Second Team

  5. Pushing Mongo

    Pushing Mongo

  6. Nymph


  7. Normal Holidays

    Normal Holidays

  8. Nightvisit


  9. The Nights Alone
    Mención especial: Best Midnight Short

    The Nights Alone

  10. My Hero

    My Hero

  11. My Father the Mover

    My Father the Mover

  12. Motivated Seller

    Motivated Seller

  13. Marcy Learns Something New

    Marcy Learns Something New

  14. The Lost Wedding Ring

    The Lost Wedding Ring

  15. Loca


  16. Line Dry

    Line Dry

  17. The Last Ferry from Grass Island

    The Last Ferry from Grass Island

  18. Kindling


  19. Kangaroo Court

    Kangaroo Court

  20. Kama'aina
    Best LGBTQ+ Short


  21. The Inner Code

    The Inner Code

  22. Icebound


  23. I Love Your Guts

    I Love Your Guts

  24. Hungry Joe

    Hungry Joe

  25. Hoss


  26. Homegoing


  27. A Hole

    A Hole

  28. Hibiscus Season

    Hibiscus Season

  29. The Heart Still Hums
    Best Documentary Short

    The Heart Still Hums

  30. Heading South

    Heading South

  31. Girl Callin'

    Girl Callin'

  32. From the Top

    From the Top

  33. Fourteen Fractures

    Fourteen Fractures

  34. Flick


  35. Extinct Animals

    Extinct Animals

  36. The Edge

    The Edge