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  1. Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen

    Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen

  2. Crip Camp

    Crip Camp

  3. Last and First Men

    Last and First Men

  4. My Octopus Teacher

    My Octopus Teacher

  5. Welcome to Chechnya

    Welcome to Chechnya

  6. Acasa, My Home

    Acasa, My Home

  7. The Social Dilemma
    Mención especial: Fact:Award

    The Social Dilemma

  8. Feels Good Man

    Feels Good Man

  9. The Earth Is Blue as an Orange

    The Earth Is Blue as an Orange

  10. If It Were Love

    If It Were Love

  11. Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets

    Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets

  12. Los conductos

    Los conductos

  13. Ecstasy


  14. Little Girl

    Little Girl

  15. Time


  16. Dick Johnson Is Dead

    Dick Johnson Is Dead

  17. Songs of Repression

    Songs of Repression

  18. The Fight for Greenland

    The Fight for Greenland

  19. Crazy, Not Insane

    Crazy, Not Insane

  20. We Are Here Now

    We Are Here Now

  21. The Self Portrait

    The Self Portrait

  22. Saudi Runaway

    Saudi Runaway

  23. The Reason I Jump

    The Reason I Jump

  24. Silence and Swords

    Silence and Swords

  25. Being a Human Person

    Being a Human Person

  26. Return to Epipo

    Return to Epipo

  27. A New Beginning

    A New Beginning

  28. Själö: Island of Souls
    Mención especial: Nordic:DOX

    Själö: Island of Souls

  29. Show Dancer

    Show Dancer

  30. If Your Heart Wants It (Remix)

    If Your Heart Wants It (Remix)

  31. The Seismic Form

    The Seismic Form

  32. Caught in the Net

    Caught in the Net

  33. IWOW: I Walk On Water

    IWOW: I Walk On Water

  34. Untitled Sequence of Gaps

    Untitled Sequence of Gaps

  35. Garage People

    Garage People

  36. Gunda


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