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Dubai International Film Festival

  1. Scheherazade's Diary
  2. A propósito de Llewyn Davis

    A propósito de Llewyn Davis

  3. Amor a la carta
  4. In Bloom

    In Bloom

  5. Stray Dogs
    Best Director - Feature (Muhr AsiaAfrica Award)

    Stray Dogs

  6. Retratos de familia
  7. The Square
    Best Film - Documentary

    The Square

  8. Tenderness


  9. Joe


  10. Thou Gild'st the Even

    Thou Gild'st the Even

  11. Omar
  12. Campaign 2

    Campaign 2

  13. Grigris
    Mención especial: Feature (Muhr AsiaAfrica Award)


  14. The Ugly One

    The Ugly One

  15. Fish & Cat
    Feature (Muhr AsiaAfrica Special Jury Prize)

    Fish & Cat

  16. Class Enemy

    Class Enemy

  17. The Mulberry House

    The Mulberry House

  18. The Horses of Fukushima
    Best Film - Documentary

    The Horses of Fukushima

  19. To Singapore, with Love
    Best Director - Documentary (Muhr AsiaAfrica Award)

    To Singapore, with Love

  20. Factory Girl
  21. My Red Shoes
    Documentary (Muhr AsiaAfrica Special Jury Prize)

    My Red Shoes

  22. The Disquiet
    Best Director - Short

    The Disquiet

  23. The Challat of Tunis

    The Challat of Tunis

  24. Bloody Beans

    Bloody Beans

  25. Kwaku Ananse

    Kwaku Ananse

  26. May in the Summer

    May in the Summer

  27. They Are the Dogs

    They Are the Dogs

  28. Culture of Appearances

    Culture of Appearances

  29. Adios Carmen
    Mención especial: Muhr Arab

    Adios Carmen

  30. The Morphine Melody

    The Morphine Melody

  31. Twaaga
    Muhr AsiaAfrica Special Mention


  32. Wukan: The Flame of Democracy
    Mención especial: Muhr AsiaAfrica (Documentary)

    Wukan: The Flame of Democracy

  33. The River

    The River

  34. The Devil's Lair

    The Devil's Lair

  35. To Repel Ghosts

    To Repel Ghosts

  36. Ant Story

    Ant Story

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