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Dublin International Film Festival

  1. Beats


  2. Fighting With My Family

    Fighting With My Family

  3. Shooting the Mafia

    Shooting the Mafia

  4. The Aftermath

    The Aftermath

  5. No Place

    No Place

  6. A Girl from Mogadishu

    A Girl from Mogadishu

  7. Gaza
    Best Documentary (Dublin Film Critics Circle)


  8. The Kid Who Would Be King

    The Kid Who Would Be King

  9. 99 Problems
    Audience Awards

    99 Problems

  10. When Hitchcock Met O'Casey

    When Hitchcock Met O'Casey

  11. Dub Daze

    Dub Daze

  12. What Time Is Death?

    What Time Is Death?

  13. Land Without God
    Mención especial: Human Rights in Film Award

    Land Without God

  14. Prisoners of the Moon

    Prisoners of the Moon

  15. Dirty God

    Dirty God

  16. She's Missing
    Discovery Awards

    She's Missing

  17. En tránsito
    Best Film (Dublin Film Critics Circle)

    En tránsito

  18. Lazzaro feliz

    Lazzaro feliz

  19. La mujer de la montaña

    La mujer de la montaña

  20. En los 90

    En los 90

  21. Leto


  22. Les confins du monde

    Les confins du monde

  23. An elephant sitting still

    An elephant sitting still

  24. Rafiki


  25. Esa mujer

    Esa mujer

  26. Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade

  27. Fugue


  28. Donbass


  29. The Sisters Brothers

    The Sisters Brothers

  30. Vox Lux

    Vox Lux

  31. 3 Faces

    3 Faces

  32. Todos lo saben

    Todos lo saben

  33. Ruben Brandt, Collector

    Ruben Brandt, Collector

  34. Her Smell

    Her Smell

  35. Tyrel


  36. El proyecto colibrí

    El proyecto colibrí

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