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Queer Lisboa

  1. Taekwondo


  2. Tomcat


  3. The Nest

    The Nest

  4. Pedro


  5. Awol


  6. Brazil Jungle

    Brazil Jungle

  7. Time Was Endless

    Time Was Endless

  8. Famous Diamonds

    Famous Diamonds

  9. Brazil Carnival

    Brazil Carnival

  10. Brazil Solos

    Brazil Solos

  11. Trilogy of Our Lives Undone
    Mención especial: Queer Art Award

    Trilogy of Our Lives Undone

  12. Climax
    Mención especial: Best School Short Film


  13. 1992
    Best Short Film


  14. Alfa


  15. A Paixão de JL
    Best Film

    A Paixão de JL

  16. Te prometo anarquía
    Best Feature Film - Porto

    Te prometo anarquía

  17. Rara
  18. Waiting for B.
    Best Documentary (Audience Award)

    Waiting for B.

  19. Vanity
    Best Feature Film - Porto (Audience Award)


  20. If I Met a Magician

    If I Met a Magician

  21. Coming Out
    Mención especial: Best Documentary (Jury Prize)

    Coming Out

  22. Pink Boy
    Best Short Film (Audience Award)

    Pink Boy

  23. Irrawaddy mon amour
    Best Documentary

    Irrawaddy mon amour

  24. Ecosexual


  25. Como en Arcadia
    Mención especial: Best Short Film (Jury Prize)

    Como en Arcadia

  26. The Den
    Mención especial: Best School Short Film

    The Den

  27. The Journey
    Best School Short Film - Porto

    The Journey

  28. Victor XX

    Victor XX